In 1682 it was decided to rebuild the south side of the palace in the style of Versailles. Daniel Gittard, an architect in the service of the Prince de Condé, designed the immense Salle des Etats which enclosed the Cour d'Honneur on the west. Gittard died in 1686 and was replaced by the Premier Architecte du Roi, Jules-Hardouin Mansart, and his son-in-law Robert de Cotte. These were the authors of the final enlargement of Versailles. Just as, in the thirteenth century, the Capetian monarchy had marked its presence by the construction of the great Gothic cathedrals, so Louis XIV left the imprint of his regime upon Dijon by the architecture of the Logis du Roi.

The Palace of the Dukes
and State of Burgundy